When's the next batch of ice cream coming? Your health and happiness is our best reward...

Today's special guest is a dutiful son who seems to have a successful career. The customer works in Taichung and has placed orders on the Internet many times to buy our products for home delivery to his mother in Taoyuan. Today I made a special trip to the store to bring cakes before going back to visit my mother's house. Said that my mother kept asking when our ice cream and cakes would arrive? He didn't bother to wait for our order to be produced, he just came to the store to see what was available and bought it.
People with diabetes are the most greedy. Before the filial son buys sugar-free desserts for his mother, the mother who has to measure his blood sugar twice a day will still buy sugary desserts by himself. My son searched the Internet and bought a lot of sugar-free, low-sugar or ketogenic desserts, most of which were terrible. Either it is not very delicious, or the blood sugar still rises after eating. Before the customer bought our sugar-free ice cream for the first time for my mother, my mother resisted and asked you what nasty things you bought again. As a result, she became a customer after trying it, and my mother felt that besides being delicious, the blood sugar really did not jump after eating. From then on, the inventory of desserts at home began to sell out quickly, and my mother often asked when the next batch of ice cream and cakes would come?
Every time the store manager hears such a story, he feels that his hard work has really paid off. Compared with my financial major, it takes a long time to open a store, and I earn hard money. But in order for these friends who have the same needs as the store manager to get health and happiness, we must continue to fight...

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