ice cream stabilizer

The store manager saw that some stores emphasized that their ice cream does not use stabilizers for health reasons. He spent 2 months in Bologna to learn the traditional Italian ice cream making method. No one in the local store does not use ice cream stabilizers, so I hope to use this article to discuss what is a stabilizer.
Tianzhengtian uses the stabilizer of the 60-year-old Italian brand approved by the European Union, and the dosage is generally only 0.2%-0.5%. Let's take a look at the ingredients of our stabilizer: fatty acid glycerides, fatty acid sucrose esters, locust bean gum, and Guanhua bean gum. Glycerides are formed naturally by the human body, sucrose esters are synthesized from sucrose, and the latter two bean gums are extracted from beans. So the stabilizer is not an inorganic compound.
Why is it necessary to add stabilizers to Italian ice cream in the European Union, which has the strictest food safety standards? Because the stabilizer has the following important functions
  1. Let the whipped cream of the ice cream be evenly emulsified with water to avoid oil-water separation during melting or storage. Freezing free water can make ice cream rough and cold

  2. Let the air evenly disperse in the ice cream to maintain a smooth taste

  3. Prevent the growth of lactose crystals and ice crystals during storage. The smaller the ice crystals in the ice cream, the smoother it tastes and the less cold it feels on the tongue.

  4. Provides a slightly gooey without being too gooey and promotes flavor release in ice cream
Therefore, ice cream without stabilizers will taste rusty like snowflake ice because of the rough ice crystals. Because the air cannot be effectively stored, there will be no puffy and dense taste. The ice cream that has just been taken out of the refrigerator, the spoon will not be able to dig it in like ice cubes. If you want to eat this kind of ice cream, it is better to eat shaved ice directly, it is cheaper and bigger...

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