May I ask where did you recommend the sugar-free ice cream

More than an hour after the store closed, the store manager was rushing to work on the cake that was due to be delivered tomorrow, when someone suddenly rang the doorbell. The door opened to an aunt. She told me that she found out that the episode of "Where are you from" was replayed yesterday, and she specially asked her son to drive her to find it, but it took more than an hour to find it, so she arrived so late.
Although we have closed the store, how can we disappoint my aunt with her pitiful eyes? Of course, the result was that the aunt happily asked her son to pay for 12 ice creams and went home. Who says old people are not like children?
Although this program has been discontinued, the production unit has uploaded previous programs to YouTube one after another. The store manager didn't find the episode that introduced us, but as soon as it appears, I will share it with you right away....
Friends from other counties and cities can order home delivery from the link below, and friends from Shuangbei can also buy it at Ernst & Young Fresh Stores!

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