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Since the store was opened, there are actually some media who have contacted us and can help us shoot some TV album reports, but the cost is 60,000 to 80,000. We don't make much money selling ice cream, so we all decline. One day, I received a message that it was produced by Yu Meiren and Haozi "Where are you from" on the Chinese TV station of Satellite TV. They contacted us and happened to be doing a special topic on low-GI and low-calorie diet. They asked me if I would be interested in going to Taipei to make a video to introduce us The best sugar-free and low-calorie ice cream, no fee, no remuneration. Such a rare opportunity, after thinking about it, of course I had to close the store for a day and go to Taipei to record.

The store manager has experience in giving lectures before 2-300 people in the financial industry, but it is the first time to go to a TV station to record, and he is actually a little nervous. Because this kind of talk show actually doesn't have any editing, once the package is released and the whole show is re-recorded, it will be bad.

Coming to the studio is of course an endless wait. The last time I entered a studio should have been when I was in college. Unexpectedly, the current studio is in a building with a height of three to five floors, and there are large elevators to carry very high sets. Today's lighting is more complex and sophisticated than previous lighting. The flow of the program is more compact. In the past, it may take 4-5 hours to record a 1-hour program, and each segment is recorded separately. Now, a 1-hour program is almost recorded in 1 hour. It is almost a live broadcast, and it is done in one go without any interruption.

Looking at other guests who came to participate in the show, and cooking the food to be shown on the show, I feel that my ice cream is relatively simple. I just brought it from Taichung. In order to prevent the ice cream from melting, I added 2 kg of dry ice to keep it cold. The temperature of the dry ice is -79°C. I wanted to take it out to thaw when I arrived at the studio. The production unit is not sure about the sequence of my recording. Please I'll keep it cold with dry ice first. As a result, there was a sudden vacancy and I was asked to go to the video first, so I went to see the beauty sister with the ice hard -79 degrees.

In fact, the video recording is only a short 3-5 minute process. After the recording, I forget where my eyes are looking and what I said. I just remember that after the recording, the beautiful sister nodded to me, and especially said to me, "The lychee taste is really delicious!"

I want to say that I can get the beauty sister who eats all kinds of food, it is really sweet in my heart...

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