New Product: Hokkaido Tokachi Basque Cheesecake

Not long after the store opened, customers who were on a ketogenic diet suggested that the store manager make a sugar-free version of the popular Basque cheesecake at that time. The store manager has always felt that the cheesecake is too high in calories, and it only tastes rich and greasy cream cheese flavor without layers.
The store manager also knows that the air-freighted dairy ingredients in Tokachi, Hokkaido were not used before because they were too expensive. In addition to the short shelf life, the price is 2-3 times that of similar products in Europe.
However, by chance, the store manager used cream cheese and fresh cream cream from Tokachi, Hokkaido to try the Basque cheesecake. The cheesecake tasted so refreshing, and the unrestrained milk fragrance was not greasy at all. The light cheese taste with Japanese Zen style has always been unforgettable...
So our store officially launched this "Hokkaido Tokachi Basque Cheesecake" in the physical store and online store. The store manager hopes that with this product, friends who can't eat sugar and carbohydrates can enjoy the same top dessert flavor. ..
Basque cheesecake in a 6-inch wooden box (about 500 grams), we offer two versions:
  1. Signature flavor: Hokkaido Tokachi cream cheese and fresh cream cream (cut into 6 slices/83 grams per serving/242 calories/5 grams of protein/23 grams of fat/2 grams of sugar), 720 yuan each
  2. Traditional flavor: use American cream cheese and French whipped cream (cut into 6 slices/83g per serving/calorie 230cal/protein 5g/fat 22g/sugar 2g), each 360 yuan
Cakes are made to order, please book with us in advance...

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