Best Ways to Rewarm Frozen Pound Cakes

Although we have the following rewarming method with the cake attached in the cake box.

However, customers often ask us that after rewarming the frozen pound cake, the cake body is too dry and not as moist as the cake in the store. How to return the pound cake to the perfect freshly baked state?

The following are the detailed steps for the store manager to warm up:

1. Take the whole frozen pound cake out of the ice

2. Put the steamer paper under the pound cake in a steamer, electric pan or oven and steam for 7 minutes (after defrosting for 1 hour) to 15 minutes (just taken out of the freezer)

3. Use a bamboo skewer to insert the cake to test whether it is steamed or not. If there is resistance when inserted, it means that the center point is not yet cooked.

4. Put the steamed pound cake in a ventilated place to cool and air dry before serving.

5. If you are looking for perfection, you can put the freshly steamed pound cake into the cyclone oven and bake at 170°C for 5 minutes.

6. The surface of the cake is shiny and returns to the state just out of the oven.

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