New Product - Sugar Free French Fruit Gummies

Our Sugar Free French Fruit Gummies are ready to order!
We will have strawberry, blueberry, mango, grape, sweet persimmon, passion fruit, kumquat and other flavors. Made with 100% fruit puree, the sweetness comes from erythritol and maltitol. Each 10g gummy has only 15 calories.
Because it is a candy placed in a candy box during the New Year's Eve, it also has to be hygienic. We specially heat pack each fruit gummy individually. The Tiffany-colored metal gift box contains about 100 grams of about 10 sugar-free fruit jelly candies with mixed flavors, and the pre-ordered price of each box is 250 yuan.
The fruit gummy will be on shelves later this week, so stay tuned. Limited to 120 sets, while supplies last.

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