Climb Baiyue and take a photo with our summit card, and we will send you an ice cream!

The store manager loves mountaineering, but in many Baiyue mountains that are not under the jurisdiction of the national park, the summit sign on the top of the mountain is often just a piece of stone with the name of the mountain written on it, or an A4 paper with the name of the mountain printed in computer characters.
The store manager's wife happens to be engaged in metal printing related industries. We specially asked her to print surface-coated, UV-resistant and non-fading top-mounted aluminum plates and place them in these remote triangular points. For everyone to climb to the top and take pictures as a souvenir, I hope you don't take it away or throw it away!
In order to congratulate everyone who went to the summit of these remote mountains, if you and your team take a photo with our summit card and check in on the FB or IG of "Sweet Days", we will give you a free flavor of your choice Sugar low calorie ice cream. Friends from other counties and cities, as long as you pay for home delivery, we can also send ice cream to you!
After punching out the card, please send a message to contact us!

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