"Jingwei Tianren" activity - lose 5 kg and give you 1,000 yuan shopping gold

Winter is actually the biggest test for people who want to lose weight: they don’t need to wear thin clothes at first, and it’s not obvious that they gain a little weight. It’s cold and it’s easy to want to eat and drink a variety of high-calorie foods. People who used to be strict with themselves will be more tolerant and compromise with themselves in winter.
In fact, our slimming efficiency will be higher in winter – drinking more hot tea and hot soup can relieve hunger, soaking feet in soup can increase the body’s metabolism, and the body will consume more calories to maintain body temperature when it’s cold…
The store manager's current weight is 35 kilograms away from the peak of his life. Only those who have lost weight know that every kilogram we lose is hard-earned. Our perfect body is achieved by running 10 kilometers in the middle of the night, going to the gym with a tired body and mind for 2 hours after work, coupled with a strict diet plan and extreme control over our desires, so that our stomachs will always remain hungry. Sweat for weight loss.
In order to encourage people who have completed weight loss like the store manager, we specially launched the "Jingwei Tianren" activity before the end of December! As long as you lose 3 kilograms after January 1 this year, we will give you 500 yuan of "Sweet Days" shopping gold. If you lose 5 kilograms, we will give you 1,000 yuan in shopping gold. Shopping credits can be used online or in our physical stores.
How to get our shopping gold? Please follow the steps below:
  1. Leave a comment below this post and let us know how many kilos you lost
  2. Tell us the proof of your actual weight loss (such as inbody), send us a message on the fan page with a photo, and leave your email
  3. After we pass the review, we will send you a message to confirm with you
  4. Friends from Taichung, please come to our store and take a photo in front of our "Duo Duo" balloon to check in. Friends from other counties and cities, please forward our post (set it to public) and help us check in. We will use email Send you the shopping money of our store!
  5. The shopping credit can be stored in your Apple Wallet to use in store, or enter the code on the online store for direct redemption. Only once per person
This event will end before the end of December! If you are starting to lose weight, as long as you check in first and reach your target weight in the future, we will also give you shopping gold!

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