Small snacks that do not increase blood sugar calories when you are hungry

Modern people are busy with work, go to bed late and get up early, and often go to bed after midnight. At this time, the stomach will definitely start to feel hungry. Although going to bed immediately after supper is a taboo for weight loss, how can you sleep peacefully without filling your stomach? Especially for people with high blood sugar, how can you eat effectively to stop hunger without increasing the blood sugar level when you are fasting tomorrow morning ? These foods are small snacks that the author personally experienced will not increase blood sugar levels ( low glycemic index GI<55) and feel full:

1. Eggs (calories: large egg yolk 55 calories, protein 17 calories, glycemic index 0)
It is best to put a few boiled eggs, tea eggs or even soft-boiled eggs in the refrigerator at any time. The calories of the protein are only 1/3 of the yolk, which is a high-quality snack with low calories. Note that the mirin used in making soft-boiled eggs contains high sugar content, so it is best to make your own with sugar substitutes.

    2. Cheese (cheese) cubes (calories: about 14 calories per pack of 5 grams, glycemic index 40)
    Supermarkets and hypermarkets sell cheese cubes in small, easy-to-tear packages, which are often my late-night snack companions. Note that it is best to choose preservative ingredients without added phosphates. In addition, although it is also made of milk, the calories of cheese are about 5 times that of milk, so don't eat too much at one time.

    3. Whole milk (calories: about 146 calories in a cup of 250 grams, glycemic index 40)
    Milk has an excellent feeling of satiety, and a cup of hot milk is more sleep-promoting. Note that milk contains lactose. Although it belongs to the range of low glycemic index, drinking too much will still affect blood sugar.

    4. Soy milk (calorie: about 80 calories in a cup of 250 grams, glycemic index 44)
    Unsweetened soy milk has lower calories than milk and has a good sense of satiety, but because there is no lactose in milk, the taste may not be as delicious as fresh milk. Friends who are not used to drinking soy milk can add sugar to taste.

    5. Peanut butter (calories: 1 tablespoon, 20 grams, about 120 calories, glycemic index 14)
    It is recommended that you choose peanut butter that has no added sugar and other fats except ground peanuts, and that is stored at low temperature throughout the whole process without the concern of aflatoxin. Its glycemic index is quite low, and its nutritional content is quite high. One tablespoon of it at midnight or before exercise should give you a feeling of fullness, and its calories are quite amazing when you eat too much.

    6. Nuts (calories: about 643-856 calories per 100 grams, glycemic index 0-22)
    Nuts are also healthy foods with low glycemic index and high nutritional content, but they have high calorie content, so be sure to control the amount of food you eat at midnight. It takes one and a half hours of running to consume the calories contained in 100 grams of a handful of nuts after eating. In addition, almonds, cashews and pistachios are nuts with the lowest calories. Most nuts have a glycemic index of 0, but cashews have a high glycemic index of 22.

    7. Sugar-free chocolate (calories: about 32 calories per 8 grams, glycemic index 23)
    If you can buy more than 90% dark chocolate or chocolate with added sugar, it is also a good late-night food. Dark chocolate has a good sense of satiety and nutrition, and has the functions of anti-oxidation and increasing good cholesterol. However, ordinary milk chocolate has added a lot of sugar and fat, so it is not suitable as a late-night food.

    8. Yogurt (calories: about 149 calories per 250 grams per cup, glycemic index 36)
    Pure yogurt flavored with no added sugar contains a lot of whey protein and is a favorite of bodybuilders. In addition, the lactic acid bacteria in yogurt contain more vitamin B, which can inhibit bad bacteria in the body, lower cholesterol and strengthen the immune system. Coupled with low calorie and low glycemic index, this should be the ideal late night food! If you really can't accept sugar-free yogurt, you can add a tablespoon of sugar-free jam to taste.

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