A gift for visiting the elders -- send a gift that you also love to express your affection for the elders...

Souvenirs for visiting elders - Send a gift that you also love to express your affection for elders...
Today is the Double Ninth Festival. When you visit your elders, do you often worry about presents?
Elders often have blood sugar problems and cannot eat sweets, and they have bad teeth and cannot eat fruits. Is it true that we can only buy canned sugar-free nutritional products every time? (Have you ever drank it? It's really not good!)
Maybe you can also consider taking our sugar-free ice cream or sugar-free cake gift box as a souvenir to visit your elders. Let the elders enjoy the taste and nutrition of the fruit without the burden of sweetness.
You can come to our store first to confirm the taste of healthy desserts that you will also like, so that you can rest assured that the elders who receive your gift will also move their index fingers and whet their appetites!
Friends from other counties and cities can also buy home delivery online!

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