What is a production and sales resume?

After Taiwan's food safety problems continued to occur, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also implemented many new policies to improve the management of food safety, one of which is production and marketing records. When you are shopping in stores or supermarkets, you may have seen the small labels of agricultural products marked with two-dimensional bar codes (QR Code) to verify the production and sales history. You can scan it with your mobile phone to know the name of the producer, place of origin, packaging and shipment on the website. Date and production records ( such as fertilization, spraying, etc. ) to help consumers understand the relevant information of the purchased agricultural products.

To put it simply, in order to obtain this production and sales history, the producer must first follow the Good Agricultural Practice ( TGAP) set by the Food and Drug Administration for various agricultural products , implement and record such as fertilization or Spraying and other agricultural production processes, and after obtaining the verification certificates from 12 verification agencies recognized by the Food and Drug Administration , you can upload the resume information and obtain the production and sales history of the two-dimensional barcode. Taking the egg product above as an example, you can find the following production records and processing information by scanning the 2D barcode or entering the traceability number on the Production and Sales History Agricultural Products Information Network:

As for whether agricultural products with production and sales records are a guarantee of high-quality products? It is difficult for us to answer this question. We can only say that the process of obtaining verification will definitely increase production costs for agricultural producers (reducing fertilization and spraying may cause production decline, which is in line with Production specifications may require investment in additional facilities, and verification costs are also required...etc), so producers who are willing to obtain production and sales records are actually more attentive than other producers. However, relatively small or older agricultural producers may not be able to add production and sales resumes due to limitations in production costs, business knowledge, or computer capabilities. In addition, after obtaining the verification certificate, we only need to re-inspect once a year, and it is difficult for us to judge whether the producer must also produce agricultural products in accordance with the TGAP specifications during the production period other than before and after the verification time.

Production and Sales History Agricultural Products Information Network

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