Fat Man's Tale of Flywheel (4) The Dream of Flywheel

After discussing the knowledge of how to choose a flywheel in the previous article, we must introduce a few fantastic products in accordance with the practice of this blog. The first to be introduced was the only American made Keiser M3i of all flywheels . The M3i has the most concise and most design-inspired shape among all flywheel cars. All the high-end equipment introduced in the previous article are available. The whole car is made of aluminum alloy without losing rigidity and stability but reduces the weight of the whole car. The whole car does not have any Long-life consumables require little maintenance. The flywheel is driven by a belt, and it is almost silent and vibration-free when pedaling. In addition, it is equipped with an information panel for Bluetooth transmission, which can record sports information through the mobile phone or tablet app.

The next one is the next-generation flywheel Peloton . The company started raising funds and selling flywheels through the Kickstarter fundraising platform in 2013. In addition to the same high-end belts and electromagnetic systems, some of the frames are made of carbon fiber. The weight is further reduced, but the biggest feature is a 21.5- inch closed Android tablet in front of the handle. In addition to displaying the synchronized sports information on the screen, through paid subscription, you can participate in the real-time flywheel course led by the coach every hour on the screen in an interactive way. Participants can compare their sports on the screen like an online game. Information is simultaneously compared with the instructor and other people taking the same course. If you miss the class time, you can also use the video-on-demand method to choose different flywheel video courses led by different coaches.

Peloton is not currently sold in markets outside the United States. But it doesn’t matter if you don’t have Peloton’s flywheel. Peloton has an iOS app . Through subscription, we can also ride on the flywheel of our own or community activity centers, turn on the iPhone or iPad to participate in fixed-time or on-demand flywheel courses . Of course, if the budget is limited, there are also many free flywheel course videos on youtube, and you don’t have to go to expensive fitness clubs to step on the steps with the teacher in the videos !

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