Sweet Days 4th Anniversary Selected No Added Sugar Ice Cream Flavor - Wasabi White Chocolate - Free only, not for sale

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The days are sweet as we approach our fourth anniversary in July. The store manager has been wondering if there is any special sugar-free ice cream flavor that can be made to commemorate that we have finally survived for four years? After looking through the notes and recipes of the store manager who learned art in Italy, an inspiration flashed in my mind. The Italian teacher once said that Wasabi goes well with white chocolate! What could be more suitable for our special ice cream flavor than this random, mix-and-match, extravagance (wasabi 1 kg 6,500 yuan) and explosive combination?

We use Belgian sugar substitute chocolate with 100% freshly ground wasabi mud from Alishan Jibian Wasabi Farm. The soft white chocolate and spicy wasabi leave a long and aftertaste in the mouth, which also reflects the two sides of the store manager and the deputy store manager. Human personality (guess who is hot...)

In order to celebrate the anniversary of Tianzhengtian and the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival holiday, get up to the store or the official website to buy a 12-in ice cream tasting gift box ($1200, 1 for each flavor), and you will get 1 ice cream worth $120 "Wasabi White Chocolate" Ice Cream (including 2 flavors with an additional $20, which equals a total discount of $160).

"Wasabi White Chocolate" ice cream because the production cost is too high. Our promotion is limited to 50 groups. While supplies last, the opportunity is gone. Hurry up to buy!

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