Mino cantaloupe ice cream without added sugar produced today

Have you ever eaten ice cream made from mino melon?
rare. Because this kind of fruit that cannot be grown in European and American countries has no puree and no ice cream ingredients. The ice cream shop manager who makes this flavor can only buy mino melon, wash it, peel it, remove the seeds, squeeze the juice, and then prepare and make it... It's such a labor-intensive fruit...)
We launched the 112-calorie "Mino Cantaloupe" sugar-free ice cream again. The thick and pure milk aroma has the sweet and refreshing taste of Mino Melon. Each 100ml cup has only 112 calories and only 5 grams of sugar! (112 calories, 2 grams of protein, 4 grams of fat, 5 grams of sugar)

Why is the ice cream outside not as sweet and delicious as the days? Because cheap ice cream uses artificial colors and flavors, it is full of chemical taste. Better stores use ice cream powder or ice cream sauce, and pour in a fixed ratio of water or milk, so stores that use the same brand of ingredients will taste exactly the same. Because the raw materials of ice cream come from Europe, America and Japan, we can't eat ice cream made from local fruit farmers.
Due to the large output of industrially produced ice cream, the production pipeline cannot add fresh ingredients (the sweetness cannot be fixed), and the raw materials used can only be powdered (such as strawberry powder), and the air content is as high as 50% (100ml has 50ml of air) , the taste after dilution can only be compensated by adding sugar, fat, spices, and pigments...
Sweet Days ice cream has no added sugar and cannot use ready-made sugary ice cream ingredients, so the fruits used are 100% frozen fruit puree from France or fresh fruits from Taiwan, plus top-quality imported ingredients, and the manager's " Seriously”, so friends who have a mouthful but also pay attention to health are especially welcome to try our taste...

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