Fat Man's Tale of Flywheel (3) How to Choose a Flywheel

Flywheel is a sport suitable for groups. The coach leads the students to sprint together. The peer pressure makes every member in the Flywheel classroom not dare to relax too much, so they can achieve the goal of calorie consumption together. But also because the Flywheel classroom is not open to the public when there are no classes, and the Flywheel classes are easily full during popular hours, so I can't help thinking about buying a Flywheel at home.

There are a lot of flywheels on the market. There are thousands of yuan Taobao products, and there are more than 6-figure training models for professional athletes. How should consumers choose ? We list the following equipment that you get what you pay for. Here are the differences for your reference:

  1. flywheel weight
    The heavier the flywheel that spins while pedalling, the more stable the flywheel will operate. Generally, the flywheel for home use is about 18 kg, and the flywheel for gym is about 20-22 kg. In order to ensure stability during exercise, it is best not to purchase a model with a flywheel weighing less than 16 kg.

  2. transmission system
    Generally divided into chain and belt drive. Most good flywheels are driven by belts, which have the advantages of being quieter, requiring less maintenance and easier to adjust.

  3. Brackets and feet
    When doing high-intensity jumping movements, the weight of the whole body and the strength of the movement are all supported by the flywheel bracket and feet. Therefore, a good flywheel needs a stable and strong structure. In addition to reducing unnecessary shaking during exercise to cause force dispersion, it also increases the safety of the machine from disintegrating and tipping during exercise.

  4. brake system
    There are three braking methods: cloth pad, leather pad and magnetic brake. Cloth pads are usually used on cheap freewheel bikes, which tend to lose braking action due to worn brake pads. Brakes with leather pads are much more durable than cloth pads. Most commercial flywheels use leather pads, but the brake pads must be replaced due to friction loss after long-term use. Magnetic brakes are the quietest since there is no frictional contact, the braking efficiency is excellent and never fades, and they are virtually maintenance-free since no pads need to be replaced.

  5. The resistance system usually has three ways of providing resistance: cables, screws and electromagnetics. The first two modes of action also use brake pads to generate resistance. The structure of the cable is the simplest, but it is easy to slide and the resistance generated is unstable. The resistance of the screw type is relatively stable, but it is impossible to accurately estimate the size of the applied resistance. The electromagnetic type has the highest cost. It relies on controlling the degree of the magnet close to the flywheel to form a precise amount of resistance, in order to execute various preset training programs on the information panel.

  6. information panel
    Only high-end models are equipped with an information panel. The information panel records the information during our exercise, and some can integrate the heart rate belt through transmission methods such as Bluetooth, and integrate various information with mobile apps and training programs, so that we can better grasp the effect of exercise.

  7. Adjustability
    The higher-end flywheel has more precise fine-tuning methods to adjust the front and rear height angles of the handlebars, seat cushion and frame, so that each user with different hands, feet and body lengths can choose the most comfortable riding posture.

  8. rust protection
    When making flywheels, everyone is sweating like rain. The salt and acid in sweat are very corrosive, so good flywheels will have various designs to protect the sweat from eroding the main structure of the flywheel. The main body of the bracket will also adopt Corrosion-resistant materials such as aluminum alloy or stainless steel.

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