Today's production: Luoshen Sakyamuni yogurt ice cream without added sugar

Sakyamuni, also known as custard apple, has a sweet aroma of tropical fruits similar to lychees. Sakyamuni is rich in dietary fiber, vitamin C, B1 and B2, among which vitamin C and iron content are 5 times higher than apples, and it is a fruit with super high nutritional value.

The store manager mixes custard with roselle, which is also from Taitung's local terroir, and then makes yogurt ice cream with low calories. The flavors of roselle, yogurt and custard are natural, and there is a harmonious sweetness that is super pairing but indescribable.
You are too lazy to peel and spit out the seeds to eat custard, but you don’t want to eat sugar, you are resistant to calories, but you want to eat ice... At this time, our Roselle custard yogurt ice cream without added sugar is the best choice for you!

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