Today's Production: New Flavor "Passion Fruit Coconut" Ice Cream

No Added Sugar Vegan Dairy Free
The store manager Lu Lala's senior is the kiln owner of Keelung Nuannuan's famous handmade baked bread "Wu Mai Kiln". When the head of the garden, Brother Zhang, told me that he made a batch of organic passion fruit puree, I happily bought 10 catties, and then thought about what kind of ice cream to make
Cream flavors.
Passion fruit is a very familiar taste, but because the acidity is too high, the casein in the milk made of ice cream with milk will form small particles one by one, and the taste of the powder is not good. It seems too monotonous to make sorbet. So the store manager decided to use coconut milk and coconut oil, which also represent the tropical style, instead of milk and fresh cream to make ice cream. Let the zest of passion fruit blossom with the rich aroma of coconut.

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