Calculate carbohydrate intake per meal

We know that the main reason why aerobic exercise lasts for more than 20 minutes is that the calories consumed by the body 20 minutes before the exercise come from the glycogen in the muscles, blood and liver. After 20 minutes, the body will start the fat burning mechanism and start to consume fat of heat. Therefore, athletes who have the goal of losing weight or improving their body shape, it is best to match a low-sugar diet at the same time to reduce carbohydrate intake, thereby reducing the glycogen stored in the body, so that exercise can consume more fat. Similarly, diabetic patients should also strictly follow the low-sugar diet goals to control blood sugar levels within the target range to reduce the possibility of other complications.

According to medical research, it is best for people on a low-sugar diet or diabetics to control their carbohydrate intake between 45-60 grams per meal. Therefore, if we can understand the carbohydrate content of each food, we can control the total carbohydrate intake in a more systematic way by controlling the amount of each food eaten at each meal.

According to the American Diabetes Association, a serving of the following foods contains about 15 grams of carbohydrates:

  • A small serving ( about 115 grams ) of fruit
  • 1/2 bowl ( about 125 grams ) of canned or frozen fruit
  • 1 slice of white bread or toast ( about 30g ) or 1 slice of tortilla ( about 15cm )
  • Half a bowl ( about 125 grams ) of oatmeal
  • 1/3 bowl ( about 85g ) of rice or noodles
  • 4-6 soda crackers
  • half a muffin or hamburger bun
  • Half a bowl ( about 125 grams ) of black beans or starchy vegetables ( such as sweet potatoes, taro, etc. )
  • 1/4 ( about 85g ) baked potato
  • 2/3 bowl ( about 170 grams ) of plain fat-free or sugar-substituted yogurt
  • 2 small sugary artisan cookies
  • 5 cm square brownie or regular cube shape cake without frosting
  • Half a bowl ( about 125g ) of ice cream or sorbet
  • 1 tablespoon ( about 15 grams ) of syrup, jam, jelly, sugar, or honey
  • 6 Chicken McNuggets
  • 1 bowl ( about 250g ) of thick soup
  • 1/2 ( about 75g ) small chips

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