Why Sugar-Free Keto Chocolate Cake Is Healthy

During the store manager's trip to Tokyo to learn about desserts, he found that the popularity of chocolate in Japan far exceeds that in Taiwan. In fact, chocolate is a natural health food. But for 70% dark chocolate, the other 30% is sugar. This is why the store manager specially asked the manufacturer to import dark chocolate with sugar substitutes from Belgium, so that our customers can enjoy chocolate to their heart's content without eating sugar.
The store manager specially launched the second sugar-free and ketogenic "classic chocolate cake" this week. The ingredients are only Belgian sugar substitute dark chocolate, sterilized eggs, French fermented cream and erythritol, which makes the chocolate flavor in the cake more intense. More pure, the health benefits of dark chocolate are greatly improved.
Because the egg is baked, this chocolate cake is not easy to melt at room temperature, and the cake can be microwaved for 10-20 seconds, so that the center of the cake will start to melt into the molten lava chocolate, making the cake full of warm aroma and delicious Instantly melt.
Available in-store starting today. Online ordering will open next week. 100 yuan per piece, 700 yuan for 6 inches.
The following are the health benefits of dark chocolate listed by BAZZAR magazine, you can refer to it:
1. Lower blood pressure
Dark chocolate is rich in polyphenols, and polyphenols usually have strong antioxidant effects and are one of the famous antioxidants. The research deduces that because it contains polyphenols, dark chocolate not only does not increase the cholesterol content in the blood, but also reduces the coagulation of the blood, thereby reducing the risk of blood vessel blockage.
2. Reduce the chance of stroke
A Swedish study found that women who ate a lot of chocolate (above 45 grams) had a 20% lower risk of having a heart attack than those who ate less. It is worth noting that the definition of high intake in this study is not as difficult to achieve as you might imagine: eating about 66 grams within a week, which is equivalent to an average of 1-2 chocolate bars, has the most significant effect.
3. Take good care of your heart
Another study claimed that eating a lot of chocolate can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by 37%. That might be cause for celebration for chocolatiers. However, more attention should be paid to choosing dark chocolate with a cocoa content of more than 70% as much as possible, which has a more significant effect on protecting the heart.
4. Prevent diabetes
Insulin sensitivity is a natural physiological response in the body to ward off diabetes. Decreased insulin sensitivity can lead to difficulty digesting carbohydrates and pre-diabetes symptoms. The antioxidant components contained in dark chocolate—flavanols, which belong to flavonoids, can help improve the body's sensitivity to insulin, and then control blood sugar through insulin.
5. Relieve psychological anxiety
In a study, a group of extremely anxious people ate about 40 grams of dark chocolate (equivalent to a standard-sized chocolate bar) per day. After two weeks of experimentation, the test results found that anxiety-causing hormones in their bodies were significantly reduced. In the fast-paced modern society, maybe you and I need a chocolate bar every day to relieve the anxiety caused by busy work and life.
6. Nature's aspirin
Most people think that chocolate can only heal the pain of the soul, but in fact chocolate is very similar to aspirin; especially cocoa, which is rich in flavonoids, can effectively prevent blood clots, so there have been studies saying that it has the same effect as aspirin effect. However, remember to choose dark chocolate with high cocoa content to be effective, otherwise you will just eat a bunch of chocolate "sugar"!
7. Slimming Companion
Researchers at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark have revealed that dark chocolate is more likely to satisfy you than its milk or white siblings, meaning it curbs your appetite rather than tempting you to binge on the food. This phenomenon is due to the caffeine and cellulose contained in dark chocolate, which can not only suppress appetite, but also promote metabolism and accelerate intestinal peristalsis. Therefore, dark chocolate is often regarded as a good companion for weight loss!

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