Shop Manager's Tokyo Gelato Discovery Tour

I am sorry for the customers who came to the store during the mid-March holiday. This time the store manager’s trip to Tokyo is really not for fun, but to check the following famous gelateria stores non-stop, and share my experience with you. ..

Let’s start with three of the top 100 restaurants on the list

This famous chocolate shop from Barcelona is located in Marunouchi opposite the Imperial Palace, and opposite is Echire Ash Cream Dessert Shop, which is one of the top 100 famous shops. The black chocolate and white chocolate ice cream (¥650) sold in the store is not particularly rich, next time you should come to Ash in the queue.

Gelateria Sin Ce Rita (1 ball ¥650) G4.4/T3.87
This store is located 10 minutes walk from the quiet Asakaya Station. The ice cream shop near the cemetery is unexpectedly full of people on weekdays. The flavor of ice cream is the first choice for this store manager tour. The easiest way to compare ice cream parlors is to choose the same flavor. The store manager ordered pistachio-flavored gelato this time. This one is the most intense and full of flavors, and the other flavors are not far behind... In addition, the teacher of Italian ice cream has also taught it. You can tell whether the ice cream shop is good or not, and whether they use individually packaged pozzetti tin boxes. This one is the only one on this list that uses pozzetti to preserve their ice cream.

Gelateria Acquolina G4.5/T3.98
This food べログ ranking with the highest score is only open in summer, so I didn't eat it this time. I wish we could be like him in the future...

Gelateria Giolitti (1 ball ¥702) G3.9/T3.37
This is a branch of Rome's century-old store, located in the basement of the east exit of Shinjuku Station. The taste has no special memory. It feels like it is made of semi-finished ice cream raw materials.

Wild vegetables ジェラート specialty store なるこりん (1 ball ¥702)
The founder of this ice cream located in the Ginza Sweet March dessert shopping street in Ginza chose to use fresh fruits and vegetables to make Italian ice cream for health reasons. The store manager agrees with her idea, but does not agree with her taste...

Gelateria Azabu Fabbrica G4.4/T3.44 (1 ball ¥300)
This small shop of less than 1 ping opened in Minato-ku, a high-end residential area near the Tokyo Tower. It feels that its main business is OEM production. The high score in Google reviews is because it is cheap and has a high cp value...

Gelateria Premarche G4.5/T3.61
The gelateria next to Nakameguro Station is also a thriving business. They have many unique Japanese flavors of ice cream. There are three types of rice-related flavors, as well as unique rice cones. Worth a visit before visiting Nakameguro's trendy shops.

Gelateria e cioccolateria PREFERITA
Another ice cream shop that has not yet opened, found that the Japanese shop does not monitor the business hours on Google Maps, so it was a waste of time.

The conclusion is that the store manager feels that the quality of his ice cream without added sugar is not inferior to those of these Tokyo famous stores, so he really feels good about himself....

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