Make of the Day: Peanut Butter Chocolate No Added Sugar Ice Cream

When the store manager didn't know that he had diabetes, he liked to eat chocolate bars with various fillings, especially the version with caramel peanut butter in the middle. Now the store manager can only take 1-2 Snickers secretly when climbing the mountain to relieve the gluttony when the blood sugar is too low.

In order to reproduce this sweet taste in our ice cream, so that friends who can't eat sugar can enjoy it without health concerns, the store manager uses 99% French Opera chocolate as the base, and the organic famous store "Upstream and Downstream Market" uses the whole process Refrigerated Taiwan organic peanuts freshly ground organic peanut butter without added aflatoxins. There is also a little homemade caramel added by the store manager to enhance the taste. The peanut butter chocolate ice cream made with natural ingredients is far better than the chocolate bar made with chemical ingredients!
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