The days are sweet New Year gift box (2 boxes of fruit jelly + 2 boxes of 6-inch cake)

During the New Year's Eve, the most heart-warming care can also be so polite that no one can reach it. Need to give gifts to elders, clients or relatives and friends, but they can’t eat sweets. Besides mushrooms, scallops and other New Year’s goods, what other good choices are there?
This year’s sweet New Year’s gift box, we match with 2 boxes of New Year’s limited [sugar-free] [ketogenic] French fruit jelly, and 2 boxes of 6-inch round wooden boxes of optional flavors [sugar-free] [ketogenic] cheese Or raw chocolate cake. We use kraft cartons with lined paper inside, wrapped with blue exclusive wrapping paper on the outside, and then tied with ribbons with New Year's atmosphere. During the home delivery, the outside is covered with a layer of transparent pp plastic packaging, and the packaging can still be kept intact when the customer unpacks the home delivery.
We will attach a New Year's card in the gift box, and we can help you print your wishes to customers (or the copy you provide) on the back. There will be no additional price for gift box packaging and cards.
Our gift boxes will be shipped by frozen home delivery. Home delivery on this island is free. During the New Year's Eve, the black cat's delivery date cannot be selected, and we will ship in order of order.
The fruit jelly candy has a 60-day storage period in the freezer and a 7-day storage period at room temperature. Cheese and Raw Chocolate Cake has a refrigerated shelf life of 30 days. Refrigerated shelf life of 3 days.
The New Year gift box is now accepting pre-orders.
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