Thank you for your support for Tianzheng Tian to participate in Taichung Top Ten Souvenirs!

First of all, I would like to thank our customers and friends who helped us to vote in person, vote online, and those who couldn't come, but supported us in their hearts! Although we met our expectations and did not win an award, with the experience of participating in the top ten souvenirs, the days are sweet and we also realized the achievement of setting up a market stall. The store manager is a novice in the bakery industry, but through the MBA training, he also gathered some experience to share with you:
1. Bazaars have great ability to gather crowds, but crowds are not equal to consumption power
Interestingly, the crowd is not directly proportional to the turnover. This time we went to Wenxin Forest Park to set up a stall for one day, and the public square for two days. The crowd of people in the public plaza was 3-4 times that of Wenxin Park, and the turnover of 7-8 times the number of people in 2 days was not as good as that of Wenxin Forest Park in one day. Forehead. Therefore, the consumption power of the business district is much more important than the crowds.
2. Bazaars are not suitable for product segmentation
Going to the market is like going to the night market. The nature of family outings is not so much consumption as leisure. Everyone looks at the flowers, and when they see the queue, they will follow the queue. Therefore, indiscriminate products with high CP value, on-site barbecue aroma, and free sample products will attract crowds.
3. The crowds in the market will not automatically stop
The booth must use methods such as distribution of food samples and free shopping bags to attract the attention of the public. If you have no budget and can only use shouting to attract everyone's attention like the store manager, please remember to bring a "loud male" mobile speaker.
4. Whether there is a chance to win the prize depends on the selection criteria
The reason why Taichung So Sweet won the award was that 50% of the participants entered the semi-finals through online voting, and the winners were finally selected by the judges. Therefore, participants with strong product capabilities are more likely to stand out. The Top Ten Souvenirs are just the opposite. 50% of the participants will be selected by the judges to enter the semi-finals, and the winners will be determined by online and on-site voting. Therefore, the mobilization power of the Internet and the scene is very important. All the award-winning manufacturers have sent a large number of nearly 50 staff members and work-student students in these two days.
5. Convenience of the voting system affects ballot segmentation
The on-site voting system has not done a stress test and is prone to crashes. It took more than 10 minutes for the store manager to vote by himself. Some customers reported that it took an hour to vote successfully. Elders over 60 have little chance of succeeding in an independent vote. In addition, the voting UI interface is too unfriendly. Searching according to the participant number will lead to other manufacturers, and impatient guests will give up voting because of the inconvenience of voting.
Therefore, it is not too difficult to understand why the top ten souvenirs are awarded by the same manufacturers every year. What's more, these manufacturers will be very lucky to draw the number 1, or there is no independent position adjacent to others in the corner...
Finally, I would like to thank all my relatives and friends for their support! The next time we participate in similar selection activities, due to limited resources, we will evaluate whether we will be thankless to play with the list, so as not to let everyone encourage and support, but live up to everyone's expectations!
thank you all!

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