Organic Banana Cake in limited supply

When the store manager went to the United States to study, he ate banana cake for the first time, which is called banana bread in English. This fruit, which can be seen everywhere in Taiwan, is transformed into bread in North America, but it tastes so sweet and moist. After eating foreign food, it also relieves the nostalgia of being away from home...
The first task of the store manager after learning to bake is to experiment how to make a delicious banana cake. After dozens of experiments, in addition to no added sugar, our final version reduces the amount of cream to 45% of that of ordinary pound cakes, and reduces the amount of eggs used by 50%. While greatly reducing calories, it maintains the same moist and sweet taste. Classic banana cake flavor. If you feel that you can’t eat banana cakes with the same taste as foreign countries, you are welcome to come to our store to have a try.

Each of our banana cakes has one-third of the banana content. Bananas contain high potassium and low sodium, as well as nutrients such as magnesium, folic acid, vitamin C, dietary fiber, and tryptophan. They are beneficial to cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure, prevent cancer, help digestion, control blood sugar, strengthen memory, and reduce insomnia and depression. .
The store manager started to use the organic bananas from Junteng Farm, the responsible producer of organic bananas of San Dekos (the price is 4 times that of ordinary bananas), to make banana cakes from this week. The organic version of banana cakes is priced at 500 yuan per 700 grams and will be released today. , limited supply, while supplies last...

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