Fall Flavors - No Added Sugar Ice Cream Available

Autumn is here, and our ice cream has also changed to seasonal flavors...
Autumn Feelings (Ginger Juice, Longan, Oolong Tea)
Based on the unique warmth and aroma of longan in ginger juice, it is blended with smooth and quiet oolong tea to add taste and layers. In the autumn sun, the tranquility of autumn leaves is revealed, and in the richness, there is a little open-mindedness. Different tunes but beautiful coexistence.
South Island Style (Mango, Passion Fruit, Pineapple, Lemon)
When the weather is cold, you will want to go to the hot and sunny seaside for vacation. We use four common tropical fruits in southern Taiwan to mix the rich and layered aroma with sweet and sour, which vividly takes us to the beach under the coconut tree to dance in our mouth.
Ricotta (Ricotta, Mascarpone)
Ricotta cheese is low in calories and rich in whey protein, which is the best partner for muscle gain and fat loss. Mascarpone is the main ingredient of tiramisu. The store manager perfectly blends the two kinds of cheeses in a golden ratio, so that this ice cream has a rich flavor of fresh cheese but not too sweet.
Irish Coffee (Coffee, Irish Custard)
Coffee is paired with Irish Custard, and there is a pleasant freedom that allows self-liberation at the moment of tasting. Deep and mellow with strong sweetness, the two superstars compete with each other in their charms, but they are so evenly matched. Let the Irish style bloom in your mouth!
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