Mino Melon Ice Cream

Have you ever eaten ice cream made from mino melon?

Certainly not. Because this fruit is not available abroad, there is no ready-made ice cream powder or syrup. Nobody out there sells minomelon puree or juice. After the store bought Mino melon, it needs to be washed, peeled, seeded, and pureed. The store manager bought three boxes of mino melons grown in the greenhouse, and it took 4 hours to complete these actions. Few stores are willing to spend more on these manual...

Compared with cantaloupe, cantaloupe is more like a beauty with heavy makeup, with a strong fruity aroma and rich taste. The store manager prefers mino melon. Mino melon is more like a fresh and refined beauty. It has a light fruity fragrance with floral fragrance, and a slightly sweet taste with refreshing, flat but comfortable satisfaction, which can bring a long-lasting aftertaste in the mouth.. .

The store manager is getting busier and less time to make fruit puree by himself. The fruit puree this time is about enough to make 200 Mino Melon Ice Creams. When sold out, the official website online shopping is already on the shelves. If you want to buy it, hurry up...

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