Fat Man Flywheel (2)

The inventor of the flywheel, Johnny G, was originally a cyclist from South Africa who lived in LA. Some people said that he was hit by a car when he was practicing at night, and some people said that his wife was pregnant and forbade him to go out to practice, so he had to be popular at home. The world's freewheeling and related training programs. Compared with the calorie consumption of running, the calories consumed by flywheel are about 70% to 80% of running. Taking myself as an example, I use a heartbeat watch to actually measure. I am used to running 8 kilometers every time. If I maintain a six-minute running speed of one kilometer at six minutes, the running time is about 50 minutes, and the calories consumed are about 650-700 calories . In the same flywheel class, after deducting the explanation and relaxation time before and after, it is about 50 minutes, and the calories consumed are about 450-500 calories. Of course, the degree of calorie consumption also depends on whether there is a way to keep up with the speed and intensity required by the teacher. Based on my own estimation, it is about 70% to 80% of the level of keeping up with the teacher. In fact, the calories consumed in a flywheel class are likely to be comparable to running. as much.

Judging from the effect of exercise, running is a lonely training process. You need to adjust your physical fitness and master your own speed and distance, so it is more suitable for people with a more decisive personality and perseverance. Flywheel is a group test. The speed and intensity of riding are adjusted by the teacher, and the peer pressure of the group is used to make oneself follow the instructions accurately. Therefore, it is more suitable for people who are lazy and unable to set their own exercise goals.

Compared with the process of exercise, running on a treadmill usually feels mechanized and boring. Although the environmental changes are more interesting when running outdoors, it is necessary to plan the distance and route of running in advance, as well as the weather, temperature, air quality and traffic. The impact and interference of the situation: I don’t want to run when it’s raining, I don’t want to run when it’s too cold or too hot, I don’t want to run when the air is poor during commuting and traffic jams, and I don’t want to run when I can’t find a suitable running route. There are too many factors that don't want to run to help us be lazy, so only those with determination and perseverance are more likely to persevere. The flywheel is placed indoors without being disturbed by external factors. It can wipe sweat when it is hot, and drink water when it is thirsty. No need to think about how to ride today, come to the scene and listen to the teacher’s commands and movements. When you can’t hold on, you can see Ojisang with a protruding belly on the left and the hot girl in a two-piece style on the right. The man also had no choice but to bow his head silently, grit his teeth, sweat like rain, pant like a cow, his eyes turned white, and persevere. Exercise effect despite lack of self-control

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