Homemade ice cream experiment (2)

If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools. To make delicious ice cream, of course, you must first use a good home ice cream machine. The principle of the ice cream machine is that the general mixer is controlled in an ice temperature environment. Therefore, the more precise the control ability of the ice temperature and the stronger the stirring horsepower, the higher the price of the ice cream machine will be.

The cheapest ice cream machine that is common in the market is the one that only has the function of stirring but not the function of compressor. Well-known mixer maker KitchenAid also sells ice cream accessories. Because there is no instant freezing function, the mixing container with the ingredients must be placed in the refrigerator freezer for more than 8 hours before making ice cream. When stirring and making ice cream, the temperature is controlled by the pre-cooled container. Because the temperature of the container will slowly rise when placed at room temperature, the temperature during stirring is unstable, and the quality of the finished ice cream must be difficult to control.

Mid-level ice cream machines are usually equipped with a compressor. When starting to make ice cream and start stirring, the compressor will start to reduce the temperature of the ice cream container to below zero to facilitate the formation of ice cream, and maintain the temperature after the production is completed to avoid storage in time The ice cream melts. Better models can even control the temperature of the environment and thus the softness of the ice cream for fancy variations like frozen yogurt or gelato.

Readers who often read my articles must know that I will introduce Fantastic Yipin: when it comes to high-end ice cream machines, you have to mention this Swiss-made Pacojet . Pacojet is a must-have kitchen tool for most high-end French or molecular cuisine restaurants. It abandons the traditional ice cream machine's method of gradually freezing and stirring the liquid, but first freezes the ingredients in a dedicated container at a temperature of minus 20 degrees, and then uses The 2,000 - rpm powerful agitator whips frozen ingredients into ice cream, mousse or sauces in just 20 seconds. Because such fast stirring can minimize the ice crystal molecules in the ice cream, the ice cream made in this way, according to the description of the foreign food blog serieseats.com, will have the densest and smoothest ice cream I have ever eaten in this life taste.

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