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In the hot summer, how can cheesecake taste refreshing and not greasy?
The answer is raw cheesecake. Raw cheesecake is an unbaked cheesecake. The store manager uses American cream cheese, French whipped cream and milk, and a little Meyer lemon juice to enhance the taste. After pasteurization, it is poured into molds and refrigerated for finalization. The biscuit base in the cake is made with almond flour. There aren't any carbs in the whole cake.
Unlike the classic cheesecake, raw cheesecake has a purer flavor because it does not contain eggs, and the rich frankincense is very prominent. Due to its clean taste, it goes well with fresh fruit. The cream cheese is heated and whipped to a smooth texture during production. The cake has a pudding-like texture and is usually softer and denser than baked cheesecake.
We use the fragrant and less sour Meyer lemon juice to increase the refreshing and sour aroma. After the lemon flavor is enhanced, there is no sweet or greasy taste at all. It is especially suitable as a refreshing dessert in hot summer...
Raw cheesecake in a 6-inch round box (about 680 grams), with a diameter of 6 inches (15 cm) x a height of 5 cm, and a net weight of 680 grams (±10%). :
Classic Raw Cheesecake: Use American cream cheese and French whipped cream (cut into 8 slices/85g per serving/290 calories/5g protein/25g fat/3g sugar), 500 yuan each
[Cake Ingredients] Made with natural ingredients such as American cream cheese, French whipped cream, American almond powder, milk, sweetener (erythritol), water, gelatin, vanilla extract, no coloring, flavoring, monosodium glutamate, hydrogenation Any artificial additives such as oil, surface-enhancing agent, stabilizer, water-retaining agent, adhesive, leavening agent, anti-coagulant, homogenizer, emulsifier, preservative, and bacteriostat.
Raw cheesecake is fixed to be produced and shipped on the same day every Friday.
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