Today's Produce - Irish Coffee No Added Sugar Alcoholic Ice Cream

According to the long-term sales of the third ice cream in our store, the sugar-free ice cream flavor is the first in the sales of alcoholic flavors. Each 100ml glass of ice cream contains 25ml of Irish Custard. Because the cost is too high, the more you do, the more you pay, the store manager can only limit the supply...
Have you ever tried, the wine will not freeze when you put it in the refrigerator freezer? Therefore, it is difficult to make ice cream containing alcohol, and it is not easy to see from the outside. As a candidate for the WSET level 4 certification of British wine and spirits, the store manager still insists on making this kind of slightly drunk and delicious ice cream. It is already very painful to not eat sugar and carbohydrates and to control calories. Of course, you still have to hide the wine in the ice cream to let the taste indulge a little...
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