Sugar-free Mother's Day cake will accept pre-order next Wednesday (4/13)

The best-selling strawberry golden brick cake in the store, the store manager used raspberry and strawberry powder to decorate it in order to consider the heat and not use coloring. But the disadvantage is that when it is used on a three-dimensional heart-shaped cake, the powder will fall off, and the color of the frozen home delivery will become darker when it is wet, and it will not have the original beauty.
In response to the above shortcomings, we use a spray gun to spray chocolate for decoration, which will have a velvety texture. It just doesn't use coloring, so it shows the original color of chocolate.
The dried strawberries sold in the market will be preserved with sugar after drying, usually with 70% sugar. In order to have no added sugar, the store manager had to dry the expensive strawberries to remove 90% of the water. For each 420g cake, there are 50g dried strawberries dried with 500g strawberries...
Mother's Day limited edition cakes will start accepting pre-orders next Wednesday. The store manager's working hours are limited, until sold out...

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