Make of the Day: Dairy Free No Added Sugar Ice Cream - Taro Coconut

The days are sweet and we have been looking forward to providing delicious ice cream and desserts for friends with special dietary needs. This time we have launched a sugar-free ice cream made with coconut milk that is lactose intolerant and vegan. Coconut!

The store manager will still work in the store on non-business days. A regular customer came to us to order 6 vegan ice creams to be distributed to the priests in the temple. It happened that our previous batch of "almond milk tea tarik" was sold out and the last one was left. The store manager had to rush to make it today It has not been produced for a long time, and the taste of "taro coconut coconut" is made with coconut milk.

Taro is a water-absorbing ingredient. Everyone should have the impression that adding taro when eating hot pot will slowly absorb the bottom of the hot pot soup and turn it into a thick consistency. Therefore, when too much taro is added, it will become taro paste. After freezing, it will not taste like ice cream, but will taste like hard taro ice. When adding too little, the taste of taro in the ice cream is not enough, so the taro ice cream (or cake) on the market generally uses taro flavor and coloring directly, which saves these troubles.

The previous batch of "Taro Coconut" ice cream, which was sweet, used too much taro, so it tasted hard. This time, the store manager adjusted the formula so that this batch of taro ice cream tastes like the fluffy texture of ordinary ice cream. This batch of ice cream is also specially made with organic coconut milk at any cost. The output is only 50 pieces, and the next batch will return to ordinary coconut milk.

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