Home Delivery and Shipping Instructions

  1. Our small shop has limited manpower, and the store manager also makes ice cream in addition to making cakes, so everyone's orders are made according to the order of the order. In addition, our weekly delivery days are fixed every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The total amount of home delivery in the north of Hsinchu is controlled by Black Cat Delivery Service. Generally speaking, your order will be 5-10 pieces after receiving the order. Will arrive in business days. We cannot achieve the service of receiving orders on the same day and shipping the next day. If you specify a specific date for delivery, we will try our best to meet your request but cannot guarantee delivery on the specified date. Please understand!

  2. For our cakes and ice cream, we only use black cat delivery service for frozen home delivery. Because the cake has a short shelf life and is easily damaged during transportation, refrigerated home delivery is not available. According to our experience, Black Cat's Home Delivery Service is already the best home delivery company in Taiwan at present in the cold chain. But recently, the delivery volume of black cats is too large, and occasionally customers report that the frozen quality is not good. We have put ice-cream packaging in ice cream packaging and sealed it, but it may cause slight damage, cracking, loss of temperature (if your ice cream has a flat surface and is less than 80% of the capacity of the cup) and other conditions during transportation. Home delivery companies will disclaim liability for all food delivery services, so if you agree to home delivery delivery, you need to bear the risks and consequences yourself, and we are not responsible for replacement, return and compensation.

  3. If you choose to pay by cash on delivery, you must bear the additional cash on delivery charges, the amount of which is as follows:
    30 yuan below 2000 yuan
    2001 – 5000
    yuan 60 yuan
    5001 – 10000 yuan 90 yuan
    10001 – 20000 yuan 120 yuan
  1. If you choose bank transfer, please E-mail or send us a message after the remittance to inform us of your order number and the last 5 codes of the remittance so that we can confirm. We will not start to make your order until we confirm receipt of the remittance.

  2. On the day of shipment, we will notify you by email or SMS and give you the tracking number for home delivery. You should normally receive your order the next day. Your invoice will be emailed to you and you will be registered for the vehicle. If your invoice wins, we will send you a winning notification, and then trouble you to go to the convenience store to print and claim the prize.

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