Friends who have not tried our sugar-free ice cream, please go to Ernst & Young Fresh to help us remove it from the shelves

Many friends may be curious, why does an uncle who left the investment industry come to open a dessert shop? Is it an expensive hobby?
In fact, friends who are close to me know that I have diabetes but I can't resist food. But the debt that I ate will have to be repaid one day. On the day when I finally figured out how to control my weight and blood sugar, I suddenly realized that there is so little food to eat? So unpalatable?
Believe me, I have eaten all the sugar-free, low-GI, sugar-reduced, ketogenic, and low-fat desserts sold at home and abroad, and found that most of them are so bad that they can be thrown away directly after taking a bite. the point. After I retired and had nothing to do for a while, I always wanted to find something to pass the time, so I wanted to open a healthy dessert shop! It is a health industry, eating desserts and bringing happiness to everyone, this is definitely in line with the future trend! What's more, if I can't sell it, I can still eat it myself...
I found a circle of pastry chefs, whether it is Le Cordon Bleu or a 20-year local chef, everyone laughed at me as a layman! Desserts must be high in sugar, oil, and calories to be delicious. If you make a low-calorie dessert, it must be unpalatable and no one will buy it and lose your ass...
Hearing this inspired me to fight again. Anyway, if the chef doesn't agree with my idea, he may not be able to make the finished product I want. Le Cordon Bleu doesn't want to do it, so we do it ourselves. So I started to learn the basics of desserts from the Valley Research Institute in Bali, and then went to Italy for further study. Start finding favorite flavors in these sweetened recipes and adapt them for sugar-free versions.
Just google any dessert, and you can always find hundreds of recipes on the Internet. But if you switch to no added sugar, it becomes very few. What's more, all kinds of sugar substitutes have different physical and chemical properties such as sweetness, coagulation, water content, heating, and frost resistance, which are not as simple as I originally imagined. Making desserts is not like setting a fixed temperature and time like a recipe to bake the same finished product every time (this is why so many food additives are added to the dessert bread from the factory). What's more, I have to be worthy of the taste standard of 200 Michelin restaurants around the world, so that most people can't taste the taste of sugar substitutes. You can hardly believe that some products I have failed more than 100 times...
Seeing that many friends who have diabetes, chemotherapy, gastroesophageal reflux or weight loss in the past two years happily come back to buy our desserts, with satisfied smiles on their faces. This sense of accomplishment is unmatched by the financial industry before. I finally feel that I started a social business...
Finally, one day, our products are on the shelves of supermarkets. I hope that friends, if you have not tried our ice cream, please help us to get it off the shelves!
thank you all!

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