The first snow white raw milk roll launched in Taiwan

The great thing about our snow white raw milk roll is that the cake itself is pure white, fluffy and moist like a cloud, soft but not greasy, it tastes refreshing and melts in your mouth. This is the latest cake trend in Japan, but it's also surprisingly difficult to make.

The raw materials for baking are divided into two parts: flexible materials and tough materials: the more flexible materials are added, the softer the finished product will be; the more tough materials added, the harder the finished product will be. High-calorie cake ingredients such as oil, sugar and egg yolk are all flexible materials.

Our snow-white raw milk rolls are only made of egg whites, which have only 16% of the calories of egg yolks. In order to further reduce the calories, we minimize the ratio of sugar to oil. In the absence of flexible materials, we must maintain the softness and plasticity of the cake. This is the first challenge of making snow white raw milk rolls.

In order to maintain the whiteness of raw milk rolls, in addition to the inability to add egg yolk like traditional cakes, the baking temperature is a big challenge. The temperature is slightly higher and the baking time is slightly longer, even the surface of the pure white cake will be baked golden yellow. The temperature is too low, the baking time is insufficient, and the batter is not easy to bake, so that the cake structure cannot be formed, and it is easy to break when curled. This is the second challenge in making snow white raw milk rolls.

After countless failed experiments, we finally succeeded in becoming the first dessert shop in Taiwan to launch snow-white raw milk rolls. You must have never seen it in other stores, and it is low in sugar and calories. As for the taste, I would like to invite you to come to our store to try it, and you will definitely become a customer after a try. For the raw milk rolls, we also accept the whole order and frozen home delivery from other counties and cities, but because it is freshly made, please make an appointment with us in advance!

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