Is your latte with milk?

A cup of latte every day is already a daily routine for many people. But have you noticed that when the bar is frothing milk for you, you have never seen the packaging of the milk he uses?

This is an unspoken secret in the coffee industry. A 1L bottle of fresh milk is only enough for three to four cups of latte, so the cost of fresh milk is very high. Most stores, including supermarkets, usually do not use fresh milk. Instead, make your latte with a bottle of milk for business under 40 yuan. As for where to buy a bottle of 40 milk, you can search for reduced milk and ice brick milk with keywords.

The milk used in our coffee is Costco's California milk, and the ice cream and desserts are made of Anjia's long-lasting milk to ensure that the milk you drink is safe and sound...
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