The third wave of anniversary celebrations -- Persian Garden sugar-free ice cream is not worth the cost price of 90 yuan -- limited to 60 pieces

To celebrate the third anniversary of "Sweet Days", we have launched the store manager's favorite flavor "Persian Garden" (C169 P4 F8 S4) which was very popular but has been discontinued for a while due to cost considerations!
"Persian Garden" is the top-selling flavor of many famous Italian ice cream shops in Europe and America in recent years. The oldest ice cream recipe of the Middle East royal family originated from Iran. It is made of Iranian saffron that costs 3,000 yuan per gram, Sicilian pistachios that are the most expensive among nuts at 5,000 yuan per kilogram, and organic rose mud that is 1,400 yuan per kilogram from Pingtung Dahua Farm. , the active pistachio fragrance is accompanied by a light floral fragrance, and occasionally the fragrance of saffron is slightly revealed, which is unique, mysterious and fascinating. Three unique top ingredients are perfectly integrated in your mouth, you must try it...
The limited edition is 60 pieces, and the price of each ice cream remains at 90 yuan. The order link is as follows

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