Basque US-Japan matchup plus extra (free shipping or 16% off)

Selling ice is afraid of the cold weather. If the weather is cold, some friends can’t eat ice cream, so they can’t enjoy the free shipping discount of the previous wave of U.S.-Japan-Basque confrontation. Some friends also reported that they came to the store to pick up two kinds of Basque cakes, which helped us save the delivery fee, but they did not offer a discount.
The store manager added more and launched the second wave of the Basque US-Japan confrontation!
As long as you buy two sugar-free ketogenic Basque cheesecakes (including a signature Hokkaido Tokachi flavor), we will give you a discount of 160 yuan, which is just enough for your shipping fee. If you come to the store to pick it up, you will save 160 yuan immediately! (Online order only)
Our usual free shipping threshold is 2,000 yuan. Friends out of the county, this is your chance to try our delicious sugar-free ketogenic desserts without costly frozen home delivery. Friends who live in Taichung come to the store to pick it up, which is equivalent to a 16% discount!
Basque cheesecake uses frozen home delivery and can be stored in the freezer for 30 days. Refrigerate for 1 hour at room temperature or refrigerate for 4 hours before serving. After defrosting, the shelf life is only 3 days! Basque cakes that can't be eaten (most of our guests don't have this problem...) can be put back in the freezer.

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