Catering Industry Subsidy from the Ministry of Economic Affairs - 22% off for self-pickup at the store

During the epidemic, the number of people who came to the store was cleared. The store manager applied for the Ministry of Economic Affairs' epidemic catering industry subsidy. From June 1st, a discount of at least 22% will be provided for customers who come to the store to take out during the epidemic. Half of the discount amount is subsidized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and half is absorbed by the store manager himself. The discounted items are as follows:

6 ice cream gift boxes (original price starting at 540 yuan) 84% off price 90 yuan (limited to 300 boxes)
12 packs of ice cream gift boxes (original price starting at 1080 yuan) 22% off and 240 yuan off (limited to 300 boxes)
6-inch classic Basque cake (original price 400 yuan) 20% discount off price 80 yuan (limited to 200 boxes)
6-inch Strawberry Basque Cake (Original Price: RMB 500) 20% Off and Reduced Price: RMB 100 (Limited to 200 Boxes)
6-inch classic raw cheesecake (original price 500 yuan) 20% off price 100 yuan (limited to 200 boxes)

The amount of subsidy from the Ministry of Economic Affairs is limited, so the discounted products are limited in supply, and the original price will be restored when sold out! In addition, the government subsidizes the business loss of physical stores, so the subsidy cannot be applied to online shopping. Friends from other counties and cities are welcome to ask relatives and friends in Taichung to help you purchase.

Cakes are made to order, please send a message or call us to confirm your pick-up time! Ice cream is limited to flavors available on site.

The self-pickup discount cannot be applied to store self-pickup when ordering and paying online!

This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.

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