Sugar-free, carbohydrate-free, gluten-free, egg-free 6-inch birthday cake-

Customers often come to ask, their friends have diabetes, blood sugar becomes high during pregnancy, they are losing weight, they are training six pack muscles, they are eating ketogenic, they have gluten allergies, they are lacto-vegan and do not eat eggs, is there anything they can eat? Birthday Cake?
Our 6" Marmalade Cherry Raw Chocolate Cake is the only answer. Belgian sugar-free chocolate is used as the base, French whipped cream and fermented cream are used, and the source of sweetness is erythritol. Spread a layer of French maraschino cherries on the bottom. Although it meets so many harsh conditions, it is extremely delicious. Home delivery is also available! Our birthday cake, no one else can do it...
Friends who have eaten, please send us a voice to prove it!

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