Tiffany's Raw Milk Roll (57% less sugar) 10% off for orders before 7/12

A beautiful mistake, let the store manager create this elegant blue Tiffany raw milk roll (57% sugar reduction) without added coloring.
The cake part of this raw milk roll, in order to reduce the heat, is made only with egg whites, and a little bit of purple sweet potato is added. After the manager's molecular cooking method, the dreamy Tiffany blue is baked...
For the filling, we use French fresh cream to blend the Taiwanese version of "Qing Xin Da Yu" matcha from Jiaobanshan, Taoyuan, which is made by "steaming greens", to make a light green, slightly sweet, bitter and sweet raw milk filling , forming a perfect color matching with the cake body.
Handcrafted Tiffany raw milk rolls are freshly made according to the order after receiving the order. After making it, it is quickly frozen and delivered the next day. If you want to order fresh unfrozen raw milk rolls, please come to the store to pick them up.
The online order link is as follows

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