Brand New Flavor - No Added Sugar "Passionate Mango" Ice Cream - $80 for the first batch of 50 pieces, while stocks last.

Tomb-sweeping Day is expected to rain, but in Taichung, which is usually warm, the temperature is still 13 degrees in April, which is a bit weary of the world. It makes people want summer to come early.
Mangoes have already started to be seen at roadside fruit stands. Taiwan's mango production season lasts for half a year. This most common fruit in temperate countries such as Japan or France is just like imported Japanese peaches and Rainier cherries in our impression. It is a dreamy product.
Although the mango production season has not yet arrived, the store manager specially bought a small amount of French mango puree to make "Passionate Mango" ice cream. In this clammy weather, waywards are coming to enjoy the summer vibes…
Produced today, limited to 50 pieces. The online store is also available…

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