Sugar-free fruit jelly candy accepts pre-orders - order over 50 boxes to start production

Recently, customers often ask, they have been obsessed with our sugar-free fruit jelly, when will the store manager make it again?

Because of the complicated workmanship, the store manager usually only has time to do ice cream before the Chinese New Year. Yesterday, a regular customer asked again. The store manager thought of a more polite way to decline her, and told her that as long as there is an order of 50 boxes, I will take the order.

Unexpectedly, this customer aggressively placed an order for 10 boxes...

Therefore, the store manager opens a group here, as long as the cumulative order exceeds 50 boxes (500 yuan per box, free shipping for more than 2,000 yuan), we will start making. Estimated delivery time is mid-May to the end of May. The booking link is as follows...

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