How to use exercise to lose weight and lower blood sugar? The exercise history of a diabetic patient in the past 5 years

Because of family inheritance, the author has suffered from type 2 diabetes for many years. As a food lover, enjoying life and controlling blood sugar have become two extremes that cannot coexist. Coupled with being busy with work and entertainment, blood sugar control is often the one that is given up. Until the glycosylated hemoglobin level broke the chart and diabetic complications appeared one after another, the doctor began to suggest that I switch to insulin instead of drugs to control diabetes. I suddenly realized that I can’t even control my own health. So I rejected the doctor's suggestion to inject insulin that day, and decided to work hard and start exercising. Today, five years later, without sacrificing too much appetite, my weight has dropped by 15 kg, my blood sugar level has dropped to 6.3 last month , and the doctor even started to reduce my medication. I would like to use my blog to share with you my exercise history and the effectiveness of various exercises in controlling blood sugar and weight.

It is always difficult for people with diabetes and obesity to take the first step to start exercising. At the beginning, I thought that in order not to be too tired and cause excessive burden on the knees, I would start with cycling. Cycling is actually a sport that discriminates against fat people. From the beginning of buying a car, I found that the load limit of the rim is only 80 kg. I usually buy an XXXL car cover for an XL body . The design is just right. Make the belly fat more prominent. In order to achieve the effect of aerobic exercise, I cycle about 20 kilometers for an hour after work every day . After riding for 3-4 months, I found that the effect is very limited, and my weight has not moved at all. Later, when I think about it, unless there is uphill or long-distance riding, it is easy and pleasant to ride, the heart rate does not increase too much, and the muscles do not feel sore after exercise. It is just a dream to burn calories like this. If you think about it wrong, you should still start running. Running is even more of a challenge for fat people. I adopted the C25K online running training plan, which is very popular in the United States. This plan is specially designed for nerds and nerds who have never run and rarely exercise. People who are used to it will not be afraid of running due to exercise fatigue, and slowly develop the runner's muscular endurance and cardiopulmonary function, and unconsciously complete the training goal of running 5 kilometers continuously within 12 weeks. You can refer to the blog I wrote before [ From a lazy bone that does not move to a 5-kilometer training method -- C25K ] to refer to the training details of C25K, as well as my first step of running to complete the training of running 10 km of self-training process.

At the beginning, I only ran 5 kilometers each time according to the C25K plan. According to the speed of a normal person running 1 kilometer in 6 minutes , I can finish the run in about 30 minutes. In the previous 6 weeks, there was no significant change in body weight, but the blood sugar level showed a significant downward trend. At 98 kg, I lost about 2-3 kg when I reached my goal of running 5 kilometers in the last 6 weeks . Although I feel a great sense of accomplishment in being able to run 5 kilometers after entering middle age , I am a little disappointed with the extent of my weight loss. Later, after doing my homework, I realized that the body will start to burn fat after 30-40 minutes of aerobic exercise, so I continued to follow the 5-10K training plan of the C25K designer to extend the running distance to 10 kilometers and run 2 times a week. -3 times, each run about 8-10 kilometers for 1 hour. In less than half a year, I successfully lost 10 kilograms of weight, and the glycated hemoglobin also dropped from 8.2 to 7.2 . Every sport has periods of hitting the wall. Although I began to run regularly, my body weight and blood sugar levels stayed in a range and did not continue to decrease because my body was used to this fixed calorie consumption. I didn’t think much of it at first, until one day I saw Kangxi came and Xiao S lifted the jacket of ultramarathoner Chen Yanbo to expose his lower abdomen, and I was shocked to realize that there are limits to the parts that running can reach, which made me seriously plan to do unlimited Aerobic exercise strengthens the core muscles and reduces body fat.

After joining the gym membership, I took the first flywheel class in my life. I found that this exercise can be done in rain or shine ( Taiwan’s summer running is too hot ...) In addition to doing aerobic exercise indoors with an intensity that is not inferior to running, there are coaches to lead and peers The pressure urges us not to be lazy, and it is not as boring as a treadmill. At the same time, it trains more core muscles than running alone. I was fascinated by this exercise from the beginning, and used it instead of running in the hot summer. After the 1- hour flywheel class 2-3 times a week , do 40-60 minutes of weight training to exercise the core muscles. After 3 months, in addition to the obvious changes in posture, the body fat will be transformed into muscles. Theoretically, the body weight will change In the end, I lost 3-4 kg in weight, and the HbA1c dropped from 7.2 to 6.2 , which is close to the normal level of 6.0. Everyone's physique and exercise methods have different effects on the body. I just share my own case with you, so that friends who have blood sugar lowering goals or weight loss goals can use it as a reference and encourage them together. I hope you can After reading my article, start exercising seriously, return your blood sugar level to the normal range, and come with me to lose 15-20% of your body weight.

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