Free shipping on 6 packs of "Sugar-Free Ice Cream Tasting Gift Box" before April 5 ($600, only available at Family Mart)

In conjunction with the free shipping event on the FamilyMart convenience store "Haoshengdong" platform, we have specially launched a 6-pack "Sugar-Free Ice Cream Tasting Gift Box", which contains our 3 most popular ice cream flavors and 3 alcoholic ice cream flavors. The price of each group is 600 yuan, just over the threshold of free shipping.
Friends who don’t have a management room at home and can’t receive home delivery during working hours, friends who have never tasted our ice cream, this is a great opportunity to buy our products in small quantities but save expensive frozen home delivery costs!
Flavors include: Summer Memories (Lychee, Coconut, Rose) Ice Cream, Custard Vanilla Ice Cream, Strawberry Hokkaido Milk Ice Cream, Spanish Fruit Wine Ice Cream (with Alcohol), Kishu Umeshu Sherbet (with Alcohol), Irish Coffee Ice Cream (with Alcohol) 1 each.

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