Days are sweet official website member shopping gold reward program - spend a thousand to get a hundred free, refer relatives and friends up to 30% discount

Friends often ask the store manager: "What is this membership bonus program on your official website? Is it possible to get a 10% discount on purchases on the official website?"

To put it simply, there are 2 shopping gold rewards for joining members on our official website:

1. When you place an order on Rizhengtian official website for every 1,000 yuan, you will get 100 yuan in shopping rewards (the validity period of this shopping gold is 60 days from the date of ordering)
Please see here for details

2. When your relatives and friends click the link you recommended to place an order, they will get

a. i) 10% discount on the first order amount ii) If you become a member, you will get a shopping reward of 1000 to 100 if the order amount is over 1000 after the discount

b. After your relatives and friends click the link you recommend to place an order successfully, you will get a discounted shopping reward of 1000 to 100 for the order amount

Please see here for details

The store manager borrows the following video to explain to everyone.

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