Let's use ice cream to travel around the world... The days are sweet. No added sugar ice cream gift box with free shipping (limited to 30 sets)

The biggest change caused by the epidemic to our leisure is that going abroad has become a very luxurious activity. It's not that there is no money to go abroad, but that there is no time to go abroad.
It's okay, let us take you around the world with "Sweet Days" sugar-free alcohol ice cream...
We specially launched the "No Added Sugar Ice Cream Slightly Drunken Gift Box", priced at 1320 yuan per box, limited to 30 sets of home delivery and free shipping. Contains one ice cream with no added sugar in each of 8 alcoholic flavors and any 4 alcoholic flavors.
The nutritional labeling and alcohol content of the 8 alcoholic flavors are as follows:
Spanish Tempranillo Red Wine — Sangria Spanish Fruit Wine Ice Cream
100ml calories 139 calories protein 1g fat 5g sugar 4g alcohol content 1.6%
Sabayon Eggnog — Tuscany Sunshine Ice Cream
100ml calories 155 calories protein 3 grams fat 5 grams sugar 10 grams alcohol content 1%
Irish Custard — Irish Coffee Ice Cream
100ml calories 144 calories protein 2 grams fat 6 grams sugar 9 grams alcohol content 3.9%
British Macallan Whiskey — Scotch Whiskey Ice Cream
100ml calories 168 calories protein 3 grams fat 9 grams sugar 2 grams alcohol content 3.0%
Japanese plum wine — Kishu plum wine sorbet
100ml calories 123 calories protein 0g fat 0g sugar 8g alcohol content 4.9%
Italian Sparkling Wine — Peach Scarlett Sherbet
100ml calories 100cal protein 0g fat 0g sugar 8g alcohol content 2.4%
French VSOP Brandy—Pure Raw Dark Chocolate Brandy Sherbet
100ml calories 149 calories protein 1g fat 6g sugar 0g alcohol content 3.0%
Jamaican Rum — Pineapple Colada Sherbet
100ml calories 139 calories protein 1g fat 5g sugar 4g alcohol content 5.2%
Alcohol does not freeze when frozen, so it is an antifreeze. So alcohol-flavored ice cream tastes softer and melts faster. When we package, we will add ice-preserving agent and seal and pre-freeze for 12 hours. However, there is a very low probability that the black cat delivery service may be poorly refrigerated and insulated. If you cannot accept this possibility, please do not order it.

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