The days are sweet and sugar-free ice cream mooncake gift box is available in a limited edition of 30 sets

The store manager’s opening day is sweet. It was originally just a small hobby to adjust life after retirement. I hope that friends who have sugar-free and sugar-reducing needs like me can still eat delicious desserts. I didn't expect that this year, with the demand for access, it will become more and more busy. I am so busy this year that I even doubt whether I will have time to make mooncakes.
In response to the needs of our customers who have supported us in the past 2 years, this year we will still launch a small number of #ice cream mooncake gift boxes , including 4 ice cream mooncakes, 4 wine-containing ice creams, and 4 general-flavored ice creams. The original price of each gift box is 1600 RMB 1,500 special price, limited to 30 sets, while supplies last.
The four flavors of sugar-free ice cream mooncakes include:
White Chocolate with Taiwanese Green Tea
Dark Chocolate Custard Vanilla
Strawberry Chocolate with Summer Memories
Charcoal Roasted Oolong Tea Chocolate with Autumn Feelings
The shells of the mooncakes are all handmade by our exclusive imported Belgian sugar-free tempering chocolate. The filling of the mooncakes is our signature sugar-free ice cream. There are almost no carbohydrates in the raw materials. It is suitable for friends with blood sugar concerns and low GI and ketogenic diets . The point is that it should taste much better than other sugar-free mooncakes...
The mooncake gift boxes will be shipped one after another during the week of 9/13. We will ship them earlier depending on the delivery capacity of the home delivery, so as to ensure that everyone can receive them before the Mid-Autumn Festival.
The link to order mooncakes is as follows:

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