Basque cheesecake that's addictive and doesn't spike your blood sugar

Although most of our cakes have tried not to add sugar, we have tried our best to reduce the amount of flour used. However, in order to pursue the deliciousness of the cake, there is still no way to meet the ketogenic standard of 100% without carbohydrates.
But this latest Basque cake is made with cream cheese, sterilized eggs, fresh cream and erythritol. It has almost no carbohydrates. It has a rich milky taste but not greasy. It is most suitable for keto Enjoy with diabetic friends on a reduced-sugar diet or those with high blood sugar.
The 6-inch cheesecake has a classic flavor ($360) using American cream and French whipped cream, and a Hokkaido flavor ($720) using Hokkaido cream cheese and Hokkaido cream. You are welcome to order frozen home delivery on our official website, and friends in Taichung can also Order through Uber Eats!

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  • 亮晶晶

    巴斯克蛋糕實在是太令人驚艷了,精緻的包裝,觸感超好的材質。 收到就已經開心😃




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